Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust
Empowering young homeless women

The ‘Believe and Achieve’ Award, dedicated to Beverley-Anne Adams Mathurin

In memory of Bev Adams, a much loved support worker who died on 18 October 2020, we decided to institute a yearly award for residents who had made a significant improvement in their lives. Bev began an encouragement programme called ‘Believe and Achieve’ to encourage the young women here to push themselves, therefore of course we named this award the ‘Believe and Achieve’ Award after her.

We had two equally outstanding ex-residents who deserved recognition for their efforts this year, so for our inaugural award we decided not to choose between them, but to reward them both. In a small ceremony attended by Bev’s family members, they both received a framed certificate designed by Woodrow Phoenix (he is a graphic designer in his day job), signed by all the staff of MPMT. This was accompanied by a voucher for £100.

Congratulations to Diana Seline King, and Emily Louise Byrne from all of us at Marsha Phoenix. Thank you to Bev’s family who were so kind as to take part in the giving of these awards too. Bev is very missed and we will keep her legacy alive here in the years to come.

Diana and Emily receiving the award